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Get to know Cuba, an unforgettable trip

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This article provides tips on how to plan a trip to Cuba, including information about the best cities to visit and what to do in each city. - If you want the perfect Cuba itinerary, your perfect Cuban adventure awaits! Begin your trip in Havana, the friendly capital city, and make it your first stop. From there, explore the fabled island’s many marvelous places. Visit enchanting villages to get a feel for life in Cuba; enjoy some of its fabled unbeatable beaches; and venture to its fabled natural parks. Make sure to read up on Cuba before you go so that you can make the most of your opportunity to explore this unique country. Your trip doesn’t have to be a long one; an unforgettable long weekend getaway is possible if you plan accordingly.

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Cuba is my medicine. I have not hidden anything from you: this end of the year (which was that of my 30th birthday) was tormented, sad and it even seemed insurmountable to me. I won't lie to you: none of my fellow philosophers helped or reassured me. Nothing. I had read them, reread them. I received nothing. Or rather: I didn't want to receive anything. It sometimes happens to think that nothing or no one can help you. As far as I'm concerned: everything kept me in France, but Cuba was there. And I left… because I had to. In short, all this to tell you that when it's the big shit, GO. Not to run away, just to zoom out. Climb into the rocket to live bigger, higher. Or just to turn on the light again. As far as I'm concerned, Cuba has once again turned on my light. 💕

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Cuba is a must-visit destination, with its stunning countryside and cities like Havana full of history. A favorite day trip would be to Vinales, the stunning valley in the interior of the island. With a knowledgeable and experienced guide to show you around, you can take walking tours of the city or go hiking or horseback riding in the surrounding area. Even if you only have just a few hours for your trip, it’s possible to explore some of these parts solo. Whether it’s one day or an entire week, there’s something new to discover in Cuba every time you visit.

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MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, CUBA The National Museum of Fine Arts (MNBA) is a public museum, located in Havana (Cuba). Subordinated to the Ministry of Culture, it occupies two buildings in the vicinity of Paseo del Prado, these are the Palace of Fine Arts, dedicated to Cuban art and the Palace of the Asturian Center, dedicated to universal art; a third building is used for administrative functions. It houses one of the largest collections of paintings and sculptures in Latin America and is the largest in the insular Caribbean.

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Get To Know Cuba, An Unforgettable Trip is a unique travel category offering the best of the Cuban people and culture. This will allow visitors to support Cuban people during their stay and enjoy their unforgettable trip. Tourism climate in Cuba is great, as it has some of the most deep rooted traditions and spectacular nature that can be seen in its beaches, cities and other necessary information to make your visit more enjoyable. When planning your trip, you can find perfect spots for snorkeling or diving at some of the best beaches or explore its island cities like Havana and Santiago de Cuba to get a better understanding of everything that makes this country special. With this tour category, American visitors will pay attention to all the details they need in order to find information on how to plan their stay accordingly.

cuba CUBA

Landscapes that leave you speechless, Viñales Cuba is a picturesque town that stands out for its rural environment, and the nature that surrounds it. Located in the west of Cuba, located within the Viñales National Park, it has architectural witnesses from the colonial era that, added to the environmental values, make Viñales a place of great beauty. For many, the Viñales Valley is one of the most fascinating places in all of Cuba, and it is no coincidence, since it was declared a National Monument in 1979.

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Despite the fact that the US still has an embargo on Cuba, many Americans are still allowed to travel there. The Cuban government allows travelers to apply for a visa application, allowing them to legally visit Cuba. This can be done through various categories such as family visits, religious pursuits, academic coursework, and more. One of the primary legal means of traveling to Cuba is by booking a domestic flight across the island. However, many travelers opt to skip this option and book a Viazul bus instead in order to save time and money. When applying for their visa application, it is important for American travelers to mark the box that best fits their trip. This could be visiting close relatives or taking part in an academic coursework while in Cuba. Another important fact that most American visitors need to keep in mind is that they will not be able to use their credit cards while traveling within the country so they must bring enough cash with them for their trip expenses.

A good way to start planning a visit to Cuba is to decide how much time you are willing to spend there. For a short trip, a one week itinerary is recommended. You can start in Havana and then make your way to other interesting towns like Vinales, Trinidad and Cienfuegos.

Playa Pilar is located in Cayo Guillermo, one of the keys in the Cuban province of Ciego de Ávila, and is one of the most beautiful beaches in Cuba and the Caribbean.

It appears as a virgin beach, surrounded by huge dunes that reach up to 16 meters high and palm trees that give it an even more heavenly appearance. It is characterized by its fine and clear sand; its calm, turquoise and crystalline waters; and a seabed with a coral reef that gives us the chance to enjoy its beautiful and colorful marine fauna, as if it were an aquarium.


This is Playa Pilar, one of the best spies in Cuba🤩 📌Si trova Cayo Guillermo, one of the islands of the Cuban province of Ciego de Ávila, on the northern coast of the island. 🌴It is a vergine spiaggia, enormous dune circumference that is raggiungono and 16 meters high and palms that give it an ancor più paradisiacal aspect. If he contrasts, he distinguishes by his fine and chiara sabbia and his calm, turquoise and crystalline dream. Inoltre has a marine bottom with a coral reef that offers the possibility of deliziarci with the wonderful and colorful marine fauna, like a fosse an aquarium.🐠 🤿Playa Pilar is the perfect place for snorkeling, and its various species of colored fish will surprise you. If you are staying next to this fantastic spy, I am present at the incredible resort and one of these is what is in the photo.📸 Will I organize a trip to Cuba including also this fantastic place? 👉🏻Scrivimi to see a travel proposal your size.

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