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Ein Heet Cave hidden pearl of Saudi Arabia

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EDAVANNA SUNILBABU shared this beautiful experience on his youtoube.

Ein Heet Cave is a natural cave which is located 30 kilometers southeast of Riyadh city, near Alkharj, Saudi Arabia.


Ain Heet cave or Dahl Heet is one such with an underground lake in its interior chambers. Ain Heet cave (other variants of the name are Hith, Heeth or Hit) situates at the face of Mount Al Jubayl in Wadi As Sulay in a small village called Heet. Between Riyadh and Al Kharj road, it is one of the easily accessible cave in the vicinity of Riyadh. The water basin at Ain Heet cave in Riyadh has been raised more than 20 meters recently. The crystal clear waters induced both fear and thrill as the depth is easily visible even without any light source. With snorkels, you could have an interesting time here. Keep good muscles to climb down and up. Interestingly, the temperature was around 26 degree Celsius inside when the sun blazed at 40 degrees outside.

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