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Commentator Pablo Giralt cried at Messis goal

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Sometimes it happens that commentators cannot control their emotions. This happened even now in the broadcast of Argentinas match at the World Cup, where Messi scored a goal.

Messi also made commentator Pablo Giralt happy with his goal at the World Cup in Qatar. Since the beginning of the planetary championship, Argentina has been among the most numerous in Qatar, as their national team reached the threshold of the semi-finals of the biggest soccer competition. This championship means a lot to both Argentina and Messi, since this may be the last World Cup in which he plays.

Pablo Giralt @giraltpablo

This profession and my life have taken me down unimaginable paths. Yesterday I fulfilled a dream. I met the athlete that I admire and love the most; the one I have had the most to tell and enjoy. My professional path crossed -occasionally- with his and honestly, I feel privileged

The commentator was nervous during the broadcast of the football match, and then came the emotion and tears that he could not hide.

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