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A moment in the gym that will make you smile

Funny moments

When life is throwing you curveballs, it’s important to remember that you can always make the most of what you have. Sometimes that maximum in the gym makes others laugh too.

Exercise is hard. But if youre reading this article, it means youre in the process of exercising and thats a good sign! Farting while exercising is something we all have to deal with at some point, and its actually not as bad as it sounds. In fact, theres even a moment in the gym when farting during an effort can make me laugh (and maybe even make your day).


We talk about it very little, so we can often feel ashamed in situations like this, so today I would like to tell you: you are not the only one farting! 🍑💨

In postpartum a baby can put your perineum to the test and for some it is difficult to hold back, hemorrhoids can be part of everyday life or even urinary leakage.

 📉 In numbers: ⚡ 20 % of women find their perineum painful during the 2 months following childbirth and they are still 10 % 12 months later... 🧻 Urinary incontinence concerns 15 to 40 % of women after childbirth and fecal incontinence 1 to 5 % of cases! 🗞️ The good news? 1/3 of them will heal spontaneously within 12 to 18 months after delivery. PS: we havent found figures on the number of women affected by flatulence, but we strongly believe that it happens to everyone, so if it happens to a loved one: be indulgent 💞 👉🏽

The best news, if youre about to give birth: you still have a 60 to 85 % chance of not being affected by incontinence. Do not hesitate to put the odds on your side by massaging and applying a neutral oil (sweet almond for example) on the perineum before and during childbirth: anything that can help preserve we take 🤩!

Is this situation difficult to live with? We can work with a perineum specialist to improve all this. It is even recommended! We can only recommend @sabsantes book and account ❤️.

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