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Novak Djokovic celebrated Christmas on the beach

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Soccer is one of the sports Novak loves. Enjoys being on the beach with the kids in a game of beach soccer.

Novak Djokovic enjoys the beach after the tournament in Dubai. He decided to rest for another day, before the new season starts.

Young tennis player Timur Gordeev enjoys playing soccer on the sand with Novak Djokovic, Novaks brother Mark and other children.

timmy_superstar Timur Gordeev

The best Christmas gift and the best Christmas ever! Incredible day! Novak you re amazing! Extremely grateful for everything!

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Објава коју дели Timur Gordeev (@timmy_superstar)

Nole announced that he will participate in the tournament in Adelaide, which begins on January 2. This year he will participate in Melbourne in the first greslam and will try to reach and win the 10th title in this tournament.

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