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Luka Doncic made NBA history

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The game played by Luka Doncic in the victory will be remembered in the history of the NBA

It was known that Luka can play great games in the NBA, but what he did was something special.The Dallas Mavericks won the New York Knicks home court after overtime in a miraculous game - 126:121

One thing will be remembered, and that is the statistics of the match made by Luka. In this match, he scored a total of 60 points, with 21 rebounds and ten assists, thus becoming the first in history to achieve a triple-double with 60 or more points.

Doncic had free throws 4 seconds before the end of the game. He hit the first free throw, intentionally missed the second and miraculously the ball came back to him. He grabbed the ball and hit it for two points and the game went into overtime.The atmosphere was phenomenal.

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