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Woman who hasnt shaved in four years?


Queen Esie posted a picture of what she looked like 4 years ago and how she looks today.

Ester is a Canadian with African roots who suffered the condemnation of the environment for excessive sloppiness. Many condemned her, and she decided not to shave in 2018. On her last post that she published and shared with her followers, who are currently over 93 million, is a picture of her on the cover of Glamor.

queen_esie Queen Esie 🌿

In 2018, I had a bikini photoshoot 👙 for a brand. I was still shaving at the time and remember this moment like it was yesterday. I asked if I could wear one of the bathing suits that hid my chest area because I was incredibly insecure about all the bumps & scars from ingrown hair.

 I HATED being hairy and having to waste so much time having to remove my body hair. I had removed it completely, every inch & hated it as my body fought back. The more Id remove it, the more scars Id get. On the second image, you can see the dots on my lower stomach and on my legs. I hated them so much because I felt like it ruined my body. "How dare I be forced to remove my body hair but instead get scars & more hair." I remember feeling so uncomfortable with my body.

 Mind you, I never went swimming because of the simple fact that I had to remove every inch of visible body hair. In 2019, I embraced my hairiness and felt like I didnt have to be ashamed anymore. I understood that in order to make money the beauty industry convinced us women that we had to remove our body hair because they claimed it was unhygienic and that this is why we all must go through procedures to try to permanently remove what they believe make us ugly. Fast forward to 2022, I challenged myself to go as I am to the beach for the first time.

Hair on almost every inch of my body as God intended it. I felt proud and FREE! I changed my views around my body hair, went against beauty standards and chose not be controlled anymore. I finally LOVE my body & body hair. And know that it makes me unique & that my ancestors were hairy too. Though it took me 4 years, I finally did it and see my progress over the years as I slowly grew to love every hair. Beauty standards are forever changing and I know now that I can choose to Redefine Beauty for Myself 💗

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