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Strive Masiyiwa humbled


Strive Masiyiwa posted on his Facebook page.

__With a salute to all the #People on our teams past and present
I wanted to share some news with you here as we’ve been on an entrepreneurial journey together on this platform for the past several years now.   When I received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award from Spear’s Magazine in London a few days ago, which I deeply appreciated, it was a surprise, and I was really humbled.
Now you here have always heard me talk about the importance of the 3Ps [#People, #Product and #Process]. Of course you must know by now: Entrepreneurship is never only about one #Person. It’s plural.
The spark of an idea may come from one person or two, but it is #People together who keep the flame lit and work together over the years to help fuel the vision as it grows and scales.
There’s one thing Id like to ask you today, and that’s to join me in saluting your own entrepreneurial teams, and also, all the thousands of #People who have worked with me and us over the past three decades to build these companies, Econet, Cassava Technologies and Liquid, and all the others celebrated a few days ago. Also Higherlife Foundation and Delta led by my wife and daughter and all their teams.
Our companies weren’t just built by me of course, but by all our #Leadership teams and our #Staff, and others who we hired for their special expertise. Some of our leadership team has been with me since Day 1, before we even managed to first open our doors!
Other key #People of huge importance: our companies wouldn’t be here without our #Customers, our #Partners across Africa and all the world, and all our #Family and #Friends who support us in our long working hours. Ive grateful and blessed for everyone on this journey, including you on this platform.
I am a man of faith as you here all know, and I continue to pray that each and all of you and your families are staying safe, healthy and inspired during these very challenging times across our globe.
In fact, just the other day I was speaking about the Eagle in the Storm series, which all of the #SeniorClass and most of #JuniorClass know about. I wrote it back in 2016.
#EaglesInTheStorm: Please keep fighting IN the conditions. Stay strong and keep looking to find opportunity to reach out and meet human needs through your entrepreneurial visions and innovative ideas.
I keep track of some of you and hear your great progress. Keep up the good work. I know how hard its been.
Climate entrepreneurs and all of you: Please don’t forget to follow the COP27 meetings in Egypt starting 7 November. I am sure some of you are probably attending those meetings.
Remember, and youve heard me say it before: There is no Planet B. Do your part, large or small. This is urgent.
Whatever youre working on, whatever dreams youre launching into businesses... stay focused and be sure to follow up all your words and promises with actions and integrity. Just one step is a great start.
And if you fall, as sometimes you may... fall forward as they say!
Here’s an article about the Spear’s Award I told you about:
Image credit:  The Africa Tech Festival will be held in Cape Town next week. Some of our team will be there!

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