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Satu Nordling Gonzalez


What they told her was that she couldnt have children, and today she says, "Its hard, but Im so happy!"

Swedish Satu Nordling Gonzalez surprised everyone. Now, 15 years later, she gave birth to her eleventh child and became a proud mom.

Her profile on Instagram is a real beautiful story that is filled with love.

mybabydolls Satu Nordling Gonzalez

Look who moved in yesterday😍✨ Our Elf is named Nisse & he has come to us for years now & the kids are so excited to see each morning what he has been up to! Do you have this tradition where you live too? Also, Christmas wishlists are made and given to Santa, some of them a lot longer /and more expensive than others🙈😅 Does your kids make wishlists? Titta vem som flyttade in igår 😍 Barnen är så taggade varje morgon att kolla vad Nisse hittat på för bus🙈 Har nån Nisse flyttat in hos er med? Önskelistorna för julen är klara och lämnade, några längre/dyrare än andra 🙈🥴😅Får ni önskelistor från era barn/familj? Eller ni som är unga och följer mig, skriver ni önskelistor?🥰

Satu Nordling Gonzalez

Good morning 💭 Friday again and im cleaning and clearing up at home (while the little ones are creating a mess all over again😅) and writing my lists on what to buy for the kids for christmas.✨ We had such a crazy morning, i orderd wintershoes for the girls for 2 weeks ago (!) that arrived yesterday, then we realized we got one pair in the wrong size 🤯 and one of the kids was angry because she couldnt take her new shoes out today, (its really wet and raining a lot), Melanie was upset that she didnt get to go to school with Olivia, AND- one of the twins forgot their computer on the bus (!)😫 I need to take a nap with the kiddos today 😅 Happy friday!

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