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Ronnie Elliott, a child of jazz and a great talent


This young guitarist is a gem of jazz and definitely has a great career ahead of him. Be sure to listen to it.

The basic characteristic of jazz is improvisation, which this young talented Ronnie Elliott brought to perfection, although all jazz is not improvisation but consists of set and improvised parts. Jazz improvisation usually takes the form of a theme with variations.

The basic feature of jazz and the quality that distinguishes the performers of this music is the ability to improvise. The more an artist is able to improvise, create, entertain the audience, but also show virtuosity on the instrument he plays, the greater his artistic value.

If you happen to be in downtown Greenville, you can also listen to Ronnie Elliott on guitar.

ronnieelliottguitar Ronnie Elliott

Another clip from last weekend. I will be playing in this square for Fall for Greenville this Friday on the Aloft Stage at 1:30 with the Ronnie Elliott Quartet. Hope to see you there!

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He also has great support for his performance.

gerrie.pieters.1 Gerrie Pieters

Like to know...can you send a track with your solo improvisations from...GIANT STEPS Ronnie..(John Coltrane)..I like to show it on the NORTH SEA JAZZ FESTIVAL here in my country..if its possible ofcourse..

dlightskinbrother Dwayne Armstrong

I like that you stick to one 🎸. Love your Tele. 🔥 Reminds me of Prince playing but your sound is great.🙏 ✝ 📖 ❤. Keep it going

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