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Marcin and Ichika Nito play for you on guitars


These two talented guys have become quite the thing on social media and the way they play guitars.

Marcin and Ichika Nito played the song "Just the two of us" in a special way on two guitars. 

Along with Wes Montgomery and George Benson, Grover Washington is considered one of the founders of the smooth jazz genre. The saxophonist produced some of the biggest hits including "Mister Magic", "Reed Seed", "Black Frost", "Vinelight", "Inner City Blues", "Let it Flow (For Dr. . J)" and " The best is yet to come."

In addition, he performed frequently with other artists, including Bill Withers on "Just the Two of Us".

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An incredible amount of positive comments, and some were inspired by this video.

rohan_rana666 Sylvester

few people will say that they want to quit guitar after hearing this.. but this gives me inspiration.. i m working on my style as similar to Ichika.. Marcin work is different from mine.. i hope i can make somthing from both of you... just the two of us we can make it ❤

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