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Johanna Quaas does gymnastics - She is 97 years old


Johanna Quaas is fit and many youngsters would be delighted to be able to do this. A person to whom all praise must be acknowledged.

Born in Germany in 1925, and had a great love for gymnastics. She started training gymnastics when she was 10 years old. Maybe she would have been one of the biggest legends of sports and gymnastics, but the country banned individual sports in favor of team sports, she had to stop gymnastics for a while. During that break, Johanna Quaas opted for a handshake. In 1947, the ban on gymnastics was lifted and Kvaas was able to pursue her lifes passion competitively.

weareageist AGEIST

Johanna Quaas, 96: the oldest gymnast in the world. Never stop following your dreams, never stop challenging yourself with new skills, it is never too late.

@johannaquaas Video from: @wildaiapp

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This video definitely inspired someone and posted in a comment.

circlingtoyou Handler

Dear Johanna, I just wanted to send you a few greetings and tell you: you are a wonderful inspiration!! Thank you for your content! I work with children and young people in the inpatient area and whenever they cant get off the couch and dont want to do any sport, Ill show you your videos 🙌 🙂 what can I say: it helps!! 😂 thank you for making my everyday work a lot easier! Stay healthy and radiant as you are!!! 😘😘

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