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Erica Claves plays for you one of the most beautiful tago songs


The way she plays and shows emotion will surely charm you as well as her followers. You may not be a fan of tango, but you will enjoy it

Erica Claves from Brazil doesnt only play the piano, she also plays the violin, and we believe she also plays some other instrument that we dont know about.

Tango is definitely one of the things that marked the film "Scent of a Woman", which is a classic drama. One of the greatest actors, Al Pacino, is the main actor in this film. He plays an army veteran who is blind.

In a luxury restaurant in New York, while Frank (Al Pacino) and Charles (the person hired to look after him), Donna will be sitting at another table. Frank recognized her perfume that she uses, starts flirting with her and asks her if she knows tango. She replies that she always wanted to study, but her boyfriend thought it was "hysterical". Apparently, her man is a rube who doesnt understand the power of dance!

One of the scenes in the restaurant marked this film. Erica Claves is one of the many people who played the music from the film in her own way and conveys emotions to her followers.

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