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Becky Holt tattoos


Year after year, body painting with tattoos is an increasing hit among public figures, and it has especially become a trend among athletes.

When deciding to tattoo something on your body, few of them think about the consequences that they can have due to tattoos, especially people who are not experts. Because, if this procedure is not performed in sterile conditions, a person can get a wide variety of viruses, of which HIV or hepatitis are certainly the most dangerous.

After a certain number of years, some people decide to remove the tattoo, seeking the help of dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

Statistics show that as many as 50 percent of people who have a "daddy" want him to disappear over time. Most often, this is the case when there is a breakup between partners, one of whom has tattooed the name or image of the other partner.

becky_holt_bolt Becky Holt

A lot of people dont know what I actually look like because I always post heavily edited pics or use a filter or wear several inches of make up so here… Have a completely unedited & unfiltered and make up free selfie! Don’t get too used to this face I’m having surgery in 8 weeks 😝

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becky_holt_bolt Becky Holt

Rhino & blepharoplasty with @monocosmeticsurgery 🍃 Had my surgery yesterday. Feeling ok today. Buzzing that I’ve got very little bruising just very swollen. Glad to be back at my room and chilling out. Not in any pain or discomfort at all just feel blocked up. Will be doing a Q+A in a few days to answer your questions about the process etc. Thanks for all the kind messages 🥰

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In one of the posts on her Instagram profile, Becky Holt clearly wanted to see the reaction of her followers.

becky_holt_bolt Becky Holt

You didn’t need surgery’
‘You had nice teeth’
‘What was wrong with your old nose?’

Just a few of the many annoying comments within regards to surgery and what I do with MY FACE. If you don’t like something, change it. My body, my decisions & choice.
You may think I looked nice but I am much happier with smaller nose, whiter teeth and bigger eyes & lips 😊

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Објава коју дели Becky Holt (@becky_holt_bolt)

Comments immediately followed


With plastic surgery becoming more and more common, youd think comments like these would finally stop. Same with tattoos. Despite all the negative comments you received Im still glad you are so open to sharing your experience. Hope alls gonna heal well ✨

miranda__edwards Miranda Edwards

he cool part is that its your own body. God gave everyone their very own, and no one should be worried about someone elses body. People be out here wildin.

missp990 Jo Palmer

Id love to have my nose done or at least have your make up skills to learn how to hide it so well. Hope this hasnt come off as rude, you are beautiful whatever way but I understand why youve had it done

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