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Aurelia Chan Zuckerberg


Good news comes from the home of the Zuckerberg family. Mark Zuckerberg shared a picture with a little princess, and what awaits the princess...and the workers had something to write in the comments.

Mark shared a picture of his baby with his followers. At first glance, the picture is beautiful, but whether and why he had to share it with his followers on social networks.

One of the comments was very interesting

erinssumner Erin Sumner

How nice it is to not have to worried about losing your job during this incredible time with your family

zuck Mark Zuckerberg

Welcome to the world, Aurelia Chan Zuckerberg! Youre such a little blessing.

Прикажи ову објаву у апликацији Instagram

Објава коју дели Mark Zuckerberg (@zuck)

The reasons for posting a picture with a baby can be different, from Mark Zuckerberg himself popularizing social networks, to saying that it might be normal for you to take a picture of your baby and post it on social networks when your wife gives birth.

One of the comments was about writing down a problem he had.

husseg1 Hussein

Facebook ruined my life.. I will pray for God to avenge me.. You guys are unfair im a teacher .. I have more than 120,000 followers i have been using Facebook for 13 years My Account is hacked in 30/09/2022 The hacker changed my account picture to ISIS. Facebook permanently closed my account This is a great injustice. Facebooks policies are unfair It wasnt me who did that They can review logins I lost my friends, followers, work and life in facebook They ignored all my messages.. I am not a bug.. I am a great man.. I am a teacher I hate this ignore I have activated all protection tools Facebook ruined my life Many people lose their accounts due to these policies but Facebook ignores it ** When I commented with this message on a meta page, the page blocked me from commenting. This is childrens behavior instagram:7isain

franchio.francis Franchio. Francis

Congratulations on the arrival of your baby and I use your boundle of joy as a point of contact to connect with any single lady to marry this year by Gods gra

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