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Annie Knight slept with more than 300 people in a year.


At just 18 years old, Annie Knight made a courageous decision to embark on a journey that would challenge the stigma around female sexuality and open up conversations about self-discovery and sexual health.

She set out with an ambitious goal: to sleep with 300 people in one year. This would be no easy feat considering the difficulties and criticism she faced along the way. But despite all of this, Annies story ultimately inspired others to take control of their lives and opened up more resources for sexual health.

Annie Knight was determined to take control of her life and challenge the stigma around female sexuality. To begin her journey, she sought out advice from those who had done the same thing before her. After much research and deliberation, Annie set out on her quest with a plan in hand. She created a website to document her journey, which quickly became popular and sparked conversations about sexuality.

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Today is R U Ok day. As someone who has suffered from anxiety, depression and an ED, I know the importance of a simple message from a friend checking in. Mental health issues are often hard for other people to recognise because a lot of the time those suffering will put on a fake smile to hide what’s going on beneath the surface. This is why I think it’s extremely important to not only check in with your friends once a year, but every week. And if you don’t get a response, don’t give up on them. Mental health issues can cause those suffering to retreat from their life and friends. But I personally know how beneficial it was to have a friend who refused to give up on me when I was suffering, it honestly saved my life. I’m in such a wonderful and happy place in my life, and I feel so emotional thinking about how proud 16 year old Annie would be of the person I am today and for continuing to fight for my happiness. If you’re suffering, please know that it does get better and all the things you want in life can be yours if you just keep swimming 🫶🏼

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Annie faced criticism and prejudice at every turn, but refused to be deterred. She refused to listen to the voices that told her she was wrong or immoral- instead turning towards education and understanding as tools for empowerment. With each person she encountered, Annie opened up new conversations about self-discovery and taking ownership of ones own body and sexual desires.

As word spread of Annie’s journey, more people began reaching out for advice or simply thanking her for inspiring them to take action in their own lives. Through these connections, Annie realized how powerful storytelling could be in advocating for social change.

By opening up this dialogue with others through her blog posts, webinars, public speaking engagements, books, interviews etc., Annie inspired countless individuals across the globe to adopt a healthier attitude towards sex - one that allows them to experience pleasure without judgement or guilt while also being mindful of their safety and respecting themselves above all else.

An Australian woman who says she had intimate relations with more than 300 men in one year believes that the experience empowered her. Annie Knight, 26, told "The Kyle and Jackie O Show" that she even managed to sleep with five people in one day during a "fun year".

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Prowling for 301 🤪

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The comments are different, but there is also an offer.


send me a message like location location, im gonna come whatever you want, doesnt matter .. ireland, new york, brooklyn or moscow. Doesnt matter tell me where

However, Knight is not looking back and says he now earns about $1,000 a day with his risqué content, for which fans pay a monthly subscription, the Post reports.

Speaking about what men ask her for, she mentioned that one of the more shocking ones was to read a three-page essay. This beauty admitted that it was probably the craziest request shes ever had.

- I received a three-page script-like essay, written with the exact lines I had to read. The whole thing probably took me three hours to film because it was so detailed. The script was about me being his best friends wife and he was coming to help me with something, and the best friend was out and I really wanted him - said Annie about one of the many requests from male fans, who offered jj $1,000 to fulfill his wish.

The aftermath of Annies story

The aftermath of Annie Knights story was a wave of attention, with some applauding her bravery and others questioning her daring actions. Her newfound celebrity led to book and movie contracts, as well as invitations to speak at events and workshops around the world regarding self-love and relationships. Annie’s tale has been featured in many documentaries, magazines, podcasts and other media outlets, with her book about her experience becoming a best-seller. Her journey has inspired individuals to take ownership of their lives while also providing more resources for sexual health awareness.
Annie’s experiences have helped to initiate discussions about consent-based sex education, body positivity, destigmatizing female sexuality, understanding desires without guilt or shame, and embracing human connection in a healthy way. She is now an advocate for better sex education in schools across the globe - working towards establishing an environment where individuals can learn about their bodies without fear of judgement.

A key message from Annie is the importance of taking care of oneself both mentally and physically when it comes to sexuality. This includes mindfulness practices or simply taking time out after having sex - which can be particularly significant if someone is engaging in casual encounters or hookups.

Annie Knight’s story has broken down barriers that have previously prevented conversations surrounding sexuality from happening openly - proving that it is possible to take control of one’s life despite criticism or disapproval from society – ultimately offering solace for women who are struggling with similar issues concerning their own sexuality or lifestyle choices.

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