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How to Cope with Grief: Advice from Experts


While the terms are often used interchangeably, bereavement refers to the state of loss, while grief is the reaction to that loss.

Science has found that some healthy people who are grieving do not spontaneously talk about the loss. Pressing people to cry or retell the experience of a loss can be damaging.


Grief is personal. Grief is fluid. Grief comes and it goes and then it smashes us down. Some of us grieve openly. Others hide their grief away. Some grieve alone in darkness. Some want to share it with others. Some find peace in speaking their loved one’s name. Others can’t say their name without tears. Some are years down the track. Others are raw and their grief is fresh. Whatever grief is to you, don’t judge others for how they deal with it. As no two fingerprints are the same, so it is with grief. No matter what the loss, that persons grief is real and painful to them. So please don’t judge. Please don’t assume. Pleas edit t out time limits on a persons pain. Please be patient and kind. Please let people express their grief however they see fit.

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