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Wife of Arthur O Urso


I had eight beautiful women, for each one I had a schedule of how and what, they spend a lot. Maybe the neighborhood doesnt like this system, or maybe its because of the moaning in the evening.

Life may seem perfect at first glance, but some pictures may not say so. All in one place, and if its the bathroom, its definitely a problem. Maybe he should make a separate toilet for each woman.

arthurourso Arthur O Urso

Impatience teaches us that only patience solves.

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Објава коју дели Arthur O Urso (@arthurourso)

Maybe this is all good marketing, in order to become more popular. Regarding this way of life, followers wrote different comments.

edu.mariano.38 Eduardo Mariano

Together or carnal desire and mainly or $, tied to the supposed pichação is propitious nessa this, onlyfans bombing, até achei that could be something more genuine, but it is not, it is clear than the better focus and visualization and money, not that they are wrong, every one face or want since I didnt go over others, I even thought that it was something sentimental, but if you look to find out more on the internet you will realize that the focus is $.

Artur O Urso from Brazil was at one point married to nine women, but some of them left him in the meantime. As the number of women he has been married to has dwindled, he says he has finally found the right fifth wife for the union.

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Објава коју дели Arthur O Urso (@arthurourso)

julianasouza6891 Serva do Senhor

You really have a beauty admire it both you and Luana, parabens the same for success and God blesses you greatly and that your journey has been very and very successful and that you achieve everything you want in life

ney_robson Ney Robson

The important thing in life is knowing how to recognize what we have best and take advantage of it in the best possible way. Pois, o tempo é um instante irrevogável!

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Објава коју дели Arthur O Urso (@arthurourso) Fabio Pessoa

This here is the left side of a well-groomed leg, you havent seen a salon for months... kkkkk Do you take care of the girls every month without a guarantee? 😂😂😂😂

evergemronvan Eden Ronny

He is doing the right thing. YOLO! 🍾🥂🎉🎉 The world is to full with conservative people

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