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What stories do you read to your children at bedtime?


Children are our stars from the sky that need to be given our attention in order for them to shine.

Bedtime stories are a favorite memory of childhood for many.Stories are an important part of every childs upbringing, they encourage imagination and creativity. However, no one suspects that bedtime stories can influence your child to change his worldview. 

themorrisonshomelife The Morrison’s

I am loving our bedtime routine with Theo at the moment. We have worked really hard to establish a routine that works for him and us too. I love the quiet time just before bed where we read his bedtime story cuddled up on his nursery chair. He then has his final feed before falling asleep (usually). Our bedtime story is “Guess How Much I Love You” by Sam McBratney 🐰🤍 Do you read a bedtime story to your little one? 🤍 What’s your favourite? 📚

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