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Twin brothers married twin sisters


Love has no boundaries, and two skater brothers and two twin sisters worked hard for that. This love story consists of Josh, Jeremy, Brittany, Briana

TWIN SISTERS MARRIED TWIN BROTHERS: Despite doctors warnings, they got pregnant at the same time, the shock came when the babies were born!

salyerstwins Josh, Jeremy, Brittany, Briana

Double, double the fun at the pool! First time in swimsuits since babies Jett and Jax have arrived! ☀️☀️👙👙👕👕🕶🕶🍉🍉 We hope you all are gearing up for a fun summer! ☀️☀️👙👙👕👕🕶🕶🍉🍉

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Објава коју дели Josh, Jeremy, Brittany, Briana (@salyerstwins)

jillraub Jill Cettie Raub

We ❤️❤️ you all❤️❤️! We have identical 15 yearly boys! They completely relate to the four of you! So happy to see your dreams come true.

Love has no rules and we dont choose who we fall in love with. Identical twin brothers Josh and Jeremy fell in love with sisters Britney and Briana, who are also identical twins. They got married on the same day, but doctors warned them not to accidentally get the sisters pregnant at the same time. However, they wanted exactly that and both remained in a different state at the same time, ignoring the doctors warning.

During pregnancy, both mothers had to go through numerous tests, and they gave birth on the same day. The shock came when the doctors tested the newborn baby.

@infos.everyday These twins married twins and were pregnant at the same time. Doctors warned them not to ! #learnontiktok #truestory #twins #pregnant ♬ Suspense, horror, piano and music box - takaya

Because their parents are identical twins and both mothers were pregnant at the same time, the babys testing showed astonishing results. Newborn children, even though they were from different parents, carried identical genetic material and were also genetically like a sibling due to the fact that their parents are identical twins.

The parents were also subjected to detailed DNA tests and the results showed the astonishing truth that the children share genetic markers so identical as if they were not only siblings but perfectly maintained the line of their parents as well as twins.

salyerstwins Josh, Jeremy, Brittany, Briana

It was Jett and Jax’s first time at the annual Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio! 🦋☀️🐘🍍🌸🌿🐅🌺🍊🦒🦋 This year’s theme: Welcome “2” the Jungle!

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Објава коју дели Josh, Jeremy, Brittany, Briana (@salyerstwins)

Their story, bravery and confidence have made an impact on their social media followers.

amandamichellelea Amanda Michelle Lea

Your story is absolutely beautiful and fairytale! I messaged Briana on Facebook! My whole life is medical and surgeries and doctors, so when your story came up, I had to read it. And I didn’t want the article to end! Thank you for sharing your hopes, dreams, life, and children with all of us!

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