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The struggle of ego and love


Love cannot flourish if it is bathed in the poison called ego. Over time, it will begin to ripen and eventually dry out completely. And what are we left with?

There is one relationship killer. It can sometimes destroy long-term relationships, but also those that havent even started yet. It kills great loves, but also the sympathies that have just begun to be born. We believe that you all understand that and it is about ego.

We all have an ego and it is an integral part of all of us that serves to protect us, but it is very important to learn how to control it. If you allow your ego to go unchecked and out of control, it can cause tremendous turmoil in your life, especially on the emotional level, if you are looking for true love. Negative feelings such as anger, fear and jealousy are products of the ego.

The simplest way to explain the difference between the perspective of love, your true, pure feelings, and your ego, is that your soul and emotions believe that love is real and fear is not, while the ego believes that fear is real and love may not be. found such love and felt it, you would have to let go of your ego, and therefore the fear and pain that this relationship can give us. When we fall in love, love and emotions come first and thats why we feel like Im flying. For a short while, the ego is in the background, but usually it doesnt pass quickly, until it brings us back to "reality" and starts pulling us into the foreground.

Maybe sometimes the solution is to be aware and accept reality.

kat.john The ZEROFKS Chick

I loved being at our friends Christmas party tonight, watching Steve talk to other people. Hearing his laugh, seeing his dimple as he smiled and watching him look at me as I shared to others our love story.

 It’s in these nothing moments when I’m observing him (rather than judging him 🙄) where I truly do fall more and more in love with him.

Damn you Steve for stealing my heart and proving my little ego and it’s limited belief that I’m destined to be alone forever, wrong 😑.

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