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Shakira leaves her home!?


After everything that happened to Shakira in the last months and news that was not positive, the singer decided to move on!

As it was already written in the Spanish media, Shakira is heavily preparing to move to Miami with her sons Milan and Sasha. The singer was found by members of the Seventh Force last night at the airport, where she said goodbye in front of their cameras.

On her Instagram, it would be said that she said goodbye to Barcelona with a touching message.

shakira Shakira

I settled in Barcelona to give my children stability, the same that we are now looking for in another corner of the world next to family, friends and the sea. Today we begin a new chapter in the search for your happiness. Thanks to everyone who surfed so many waves with me there in Barcelona, the city where I learned that friendship is undoubtedly longer than love. Thanks to everyone who encouraged me there, dried my tears, inspired me and made me grow. Thanks to my Spanish audience who have always covered me with their love and loyalty. For you only see you later and as my father said so many times, see you in the curves! ❤️

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Her followers had a lot to write about

unlunar Stephanie Cayo 🍓

To return to Latinity, my darling. There is more sweetness there and behind the sweetness is the beautiful affection. So many ways to give affection... find that beautiful one that you know well with a lot of transparency ❤️

luiggiloff  𝐋𝐮𝐢𝐠𝐠𝐢 🧿

You are a queen Shak 👏👏 you have earned all the love you receive for always being such a hard worker, your talent, your philanthropy and the legacy that you have built for generations of Latin Americans that have come later make you unique, which is why I am proud that you are a woman you inspire 💕

dolores_c_espinosa Dolores Cecilia

You will be successful in any corner of the world, because you are a sensitive, exceptional, charismatic woman and you know that you have an audience that supports you and loves you very much ❤️💪🏼. Keep going because the paths of life have straight lines and curves.

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