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Scandal at the wedding!SHOCK VIDEO


SCANDAL! THE BRIDE CHEATED ON THE GROOM WITH HIS PREGNANT SISTERS WIFE: Explicit video released at the wedding, everyone in SHOCK!

Not all weddings have a happy ending. This wedding is one of them. In general, everyone was surprised except him. 

Footage of a groom who exposed his brides affair on their wedding day by playing an explicit video of her in bed with another man has left wedding guests in shock.

Stunned guests watched the video from the projector showing the scene from the bedroom, where the bride and the grooms brother-in-law were on the bed. The incident took place in China, and the embarrassed bride threw her bouquet at her husband afterwards.

- Did you think I didnt know about it? - he shouted.

The video initially went viral in 2019, but was recently re-shared on TikTok, where it has garnered nearly six million views and thousands of comments from outraged users.

The title of the video is "cheating bride", followed by the caption: "Groom in front of everyone played a video of his wife cheating on him with his pregnant sisters wife". But reactions on the Internet were divided. The majority sided with the groom, stating that the bride "got what she deserved".

"The best revenge - in front of all the family and friends," said one commenter, "The man stood there knowing the disaster he was about to cause," wrote another.

Others wondered why the groom went ahead with the ceremony in the first place.

"Isnt this a wedding and doesnt that mean they already said yes?" asked one user.

"Why did he continue with the wedding?" asked another.

"Why did he spend all that money on the wedding?", the third user was also confused.

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