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Necessary things that are needed for Thanksgiving day


Thanksgiving is usually celebrated with a family meal. Although, a new tradition has emerged to celebrate Thanksgiving with a meal with friends, as a special event.

Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated on November 24 this year in the United States, Canada, Grenada, Saint Lucia, and Liberia. It began as a day of thanksgiving for the blessings of the harvest and the previous year. Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday in October in Canada and the fourth Thursday in November in the United States and around the same time of year elsewhere.

Some of the necessary things that should perhaps be done for the holiday?

munchies_by_meb Morgan Elizabeth

My (11) Thanksgiving Cardinal Rules 𑁍
1. Make as many things as you can beforehand to save time & limit stress (cranberry sauce, compound butter, soups)
2. Brine the turkey & use compound butter
3. Cook together. Bond over the simple moments, like snapping green beans, sharing kitchen space or talking out recipes.
4. As you make casseroles, cover them with aluminum foil, write in sharpie the temperature and how long they need to cook. Then you can use that visual to plan & time things right so that everything is perfect.
5. Use a block of cream cheese (& lots of butter) in the mashed potatoes
6. Not everything has to be a casserole (hot take: southern green beans > green bean casserole)
7. Taste test as you go & as you make each item. Getting that salt ratio right is key!
8. Make your sweet potato casserole with 1/2 nuts and 1/2 marshmallow. Everyone wins.
9. Create at least one new dish every year. I love tradition. But, traditions can evolve & getting creative is fun.
10. Light a ton of candles in the house & on the table to create a vibe. Place greenery or make simple name cards. Play some music. It’s all about the family feel! It’s less about stress and more about the moment. Don’t forget that.
11. Go around the table and say something you’re thankful for while you eat!

We wish you a happy Thanksgiving.

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