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Michelle Hunziker the most desirable grandmother


She is one of the most attractive and beautiful grandmothers in the world: She is 46 years old, she recently had a granddaughter, and when she appears with her daughter, everyone thinks they are SISTERS.

A well-known presenter, former fiancee of Eros Ramazotsi, became a grandmother a few days ago. Her daughter Aurora gave birth to a son, Cesar, and Michelle Hunzicker took this wonderful title at the age of 46.

Swiss-Italian presenter, actress, model and singer Michele Hunziker was spotted recently in front of the clinic in Lugano in the city where she was born in Switzerland where her daughter Aurora Hunziker Ramazzoti (26) was born.

therealhunzigram Michelle Hunziker

Happy awakening everyone! 💋 lets make this day special... wherever you are and whatever you plan to do... coffee?

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rosangelachillemi_official Rosy Chillemi

To all those people who say it doesnt matter ... it may be that now she has a more comfortable life, How we would all like to have it without worries .... but what do you know about what she had to face, overcome in life .. maybe she earned it to get to where she is now and can only be proud of herself ... great esteem for such a Granny and best wishes !! everyone, bye Michelle 💕!!

therealhunzigram Michelle Hunziker

Where there are volcanoes, the earth, in my opinion releases a very powerful energy ... I immerse myself completely and hear the sound of the stones moving in a perpetual movement ... the points where the water heats up considerably cradle me and bring me back in a beautiful state of balance….Nature is wonderful….❤️

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