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How much, how and the solution for the time we devote to family


Time spent together is extremely important for the family and children, because it is an opportunity for children to bond with their parents, to share their experiences and feelings, to have fun and learn something useful.

Johannesburg clinical psychologist Kristen Scolari explains that spending quality time with your child creates a strong bond between you, and encourages the child to feel safe, happy and trusting of you. That way you will know what bothers him, what he experiences and what makes him happy. It is important to distinguish between quality and quantity of time spent.

Many adults later regret that they did not have such an experience in memory and a general sense of community.

A survey of 1,000 British parents found that nearly half said their family bond was collapsing because their children were spending too much time on their phones during the evening time, which is traditionally dedicated to family time and conversation.

Create quality time with your loved ones by putting down your phone, playing with the kids, singing together, reading together, going for a walk. These are just some of the possible solutions for better quality time.

The lack of time can be divided into two parts:

-those who spend most of their time working in the household or around the family,
-those whose time is devoted to work much more than eight hours, including commuting.

If perhaps you really have a problem with time around work in order to dedicate yourself to your family. Maybe this is the right solution.

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Who else is bogged in Life? Its okay there is a way out, trust me we are living proof. For ages we didnt know where we were going, what we were doing hated our life, over the Daily Grind, over not having the time an Money to do what we loved an most precious of all have Time with our kids. We then made the decision to change an that theres more to life then this routine , surely. So then we jumped onto the online space an the last 3 months have been life changing for us an our family...

We now do life like we want to not how we were programmed to do it.

Do you need unbogging......

Dream big an live the dream dont chase it..

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