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Energy within the family - only positive


How to protect your family from bad energy and how to create a strong and positive relationship.

For many successful people, one thing is most important and that is family. Perhaps that is also the key to success.Energy or life force is one thing, there is no good or bad energy, only constructive or destructive use of energy. People living in the West are little familiar with the qualities and techniques of energy management because that content is not part of our mentality or family tradition. The population living in the east is very skillful in handling life energy and knows how to recognize its flows and diversions.

When the emotional charge is released and thus accepted, there will be a natural balancing of energy that should now be directed into something positive.

Scents and colors are always good allies in energy management. If you need to raise your energy, wear warm colors such as red, orange, yellow or gold or decorate your space in these colors.

There are other ways to bring positive energy into your home.

- Eat together
- Go somewhere together
- Laugh together
- Perhaps the most important thing is to forgive each other.

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WHEN SOMETHINGS BROKEN DONT CLAIM! Most people panic when something breaks, but that shouldnt and Ill tell you why.

One day a Spirit said: - "Often the energy is so heavy in certain houses that things begin to break on their own, break plates, plates, glass bowls from inside the cupboards, which become in pieces, and people get scared already" Imagine being a Spirit thing, from home badly haunted, but often it is the negative energy that is so accumulated in that place, or in that house, that the spiritual world gives a little extra help and causes these energies instead of reaching the energy field of the people who live there & local they get this energy Negative is distributed in some objects that when they break, cause the negative energy to disintegrate from that environment. "Many mothers fight with their children when the children break a cup or plate, many even end up beating children because they broke something valuable, or it was a gift they won from someone important or even family dishes that they passed on generation to generation, often impregnated by Bad energies, which children only receive a little extra help from the spiritual world to get rid of that object. We should pay attention when you start breaking things in our homes, its not haunting or anything like that, its just our spiritual friends wanting to help us get rid of certain bad energies! We pray and we also do a cleansing of the bad energies in the place so that nothing bad will come to us and thats it. Do not be afraid or angry when something breaks. That way we will be protected. If youve read this far, I want to invite you to like to strengthen this page.

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