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Decorating the Christmas tree and the influence of Feng Shui


The most famous and popular family tradition related to Christmas and New Year is decorating the New Year tree.

The Christmas tree is decorated in almost all cultures, regardless of whether Christmas is celebrated in certain countries or not. It is a symbol of the holiday spirit.
According to some historical writings, decorating the Christmas tree is a pagan custom.

Different way of decoration requires different number of branches.

For a richly decorated Christmas tree, choose a tree with fewer branches.
If you want fewer New Years decorations to put on the Christmas tree, the right choice is a New Years tree with a larger number of branches.
For decorating the Christmas tree with Christmas lights only, the ideal choice is a Christmas tree with a larger number of branches and mixed leaves.

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Tis the season… You may be getting your Christmas tree over the next couple of days, or you’ve already gotten one and wondering how a tree in a corner of your living room or family room will influence the Feng Shui in your home? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

🎄I talked about it in my last reel - your ornaments have been in storage for a year. Smoke cleanse with palo santo or sage to release stagnant energy, as you do not want to bring that into your home.

 🎄When unpacking ornaments, you are more than likely to find broken ones (2 for me this year)…throw them away. Broken items represent a sense of “lack” and can even translate into being “broke.” 🌲 When you place and decorate your tree, keep a sense of balance in mind. Don’t over clutter the tree. Give your ornaments a chance to shine!

🎄One way to avoid cluttering your tree is to only use ornaments which hold special meaning to you. I love looking at my tree and thinking back to each one’s origin, be it a handmade globe my son made in school or a souvenir picked up on a memorable trip.

🎄Make sure you tree is not obstructing a walkway. This can disrupt the energy flow of your home. Plasencia your tree in a corner so you can move around freely. 🌲The ideal location for your tree is either in the Wealth, Fame or Family Gua of your home. These areas represent the Wood & Fire Elements.

🎄Remember to place gifts under your tree to call in good luck and prosperity!

P.S. Don’t forget to water your tree if you have a live one! Dying plants do not promote good energy.

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