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Chinese New Year of the Rabbit


The Chinese New Year 2023 begins on January 22 in the sign of the rabbit and will last until February 10, 2024. For many signs, this period will be favorable for creating a family and having children.

Chinese New Year of the Rabbit is a good year for having children, creating a family, and having a positive influence on people. - Chinese astrology is based on the cycle of the water rabbit year, and this upcoming year is a black rabbit. The Chinese horoscope believes that the Rabbit is a harbinger of peaceful minds and good luck. China ushers in the New Year with its Spring Festival, called Lunar New Year, which is celebrated on Sunday. People born in the Year of the Rabbit are believed to be blessed with gentleness and serenity, which will have a positive effect on their lives. Those who have children or plan to create a family during this period can expect to benefit from this peace of mind brought by Chinese New Year. The Tiger year that follows will also be auspicious for families as it symbolizes strength and longevity.

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🐰 Happy Lunar New year! 🧧 May 2023 bring peace, harmony and prosperity. Hop to it! 📸 Neutral Instincts

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The last Rabbit year was a Water Rabbit, which symbolizes peace and fortune. The Chinese Horoscope for the Rabbit year promises luck, patience and prosperity. This is a good year to sow investments and hope for success in the future. Chinese culture celebrates these years with family gatherings, traditional foods, celebrations and fireworks. Experts translate the Rabbits sign as representing longevity and peace – both of which are important for creating a family and having children. Couples can look forward to good fortune in the coming year if they practice patience and work hard together to achieve their goals. The Chinese Horoscope also predicts that this will be a prosperous period for those who have families or plan on creating one in the coming months. This period of time will be particularly favorable for couples wanting to start a family as it symbolizes fertility, good luck, hope, peace and prosperity – all important elements necessary for starting a family.


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t is now officially the Lunar Year of the Water Rabbit! The Rabbit is one of 12 animals featured on the Chinese zodiac, which also recognises five elements: metal, water, wood, fire and earth.

From the beach to the bush!

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Images: Osamu Ohnishi & Masako Ohnishi, ‘USAGI Shelter’. Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe 2022. Photo Louise Coghill. Snowy Valleys Sculpture Trail, Adelong Photo: Fiona DAlessandro

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Chinese New Year of the Rabbit, is one of the 12 zodiac signs and each sign has its own unique characteristics. The paired rabbit is a fertility symbol which represents the new beginnings and new directions that will be taken in this year. This sign can bring a lot of positive energy and give couples the confidence to start their family. The symbols are fairly artistic – with reds, golds, and oranges being dominant colors – which represent abundance in creativity for those who are inspired by art. It is also a good time to start any new business ventures as it symbolizes prosperity for those trying to grow their business. The Chinese lunar year is governed by two forces: Yang (male) and Yin (female). The rabbit’s yang force will help people move forward on their plans while at the same time providing balance in their lives. All these elements combined make this lunar year a very good one for both expanding your family or growing your business.


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Stay open to What’s Possible in Life ! Big vision future perspective for this moon day! New Moon intention time, Aquarius! Make it simple,clear, and concise for your months creation! Happy Lunar New Year Chinese New Year of the Rabbit ! Embrace the Yin Water , Be still and face Fear . Embrace your quirky side and find a constructive way to express the independent rebel.

Make sure to honor exploring freedom with a healthy balance; be mindful of extremes that can take you off the path as you create a big pic future intention. Your Higher calling, what is it? Tomorrow the planets help us feel more swift movements forward . Practice patience as you use foresight. Great time to tap into the higher intelligence that this air sign inspires. Create a well thought out strategic path as you embrace the big exciting changes that life can offer. Look at World realities and how you can work your magic with these insights .

Live authentically and from your truth, as you make decisions on how you play apart in creating a better reality for humanity.

Enjoy friendships that are aligned with your higher calling ! Detach from emotions that don’t fuel inspiration. Be innovative !

Cut your past loose as you plant new emotional seeds for this fresh start . If you’re still feeling like you’re still in a big breakdown, remember the breakthrough will follow! It’s apart of Big Change.

Again patience and prep as the next few months will be packed with fast movement !

It’s a technology sign, perhaps a good time to dive into what’s on the horizon for gadgets. If you’ve been in the retrograde struggle or they don’t come easy for your empath mind, perhaps now’s a good time to start again with online projects ;)

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Chinese New Year of the Rabbit, which falls in February, is considered a very auspicious time for creating a family and having children. This is because the Rabbit represents upgrading from the Snake of the previous year, which was associated with monthly income. During this period you will see positive development in all aspects of your life. The Dragon, which swallows other beings, also symbolizes new beginnings as it ushers in a new moon each month. The celebration lasts fifteen days and culminates on the fifteenth day when people can see a positive influence on their work front. Chinese New Year is celebrated annually in China and marks the beginning of a new year according to the traditional Chinese lunar calendar.

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