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An Unforgettable Moment: A Tale of Sukhmin Garcha


Women HATE her because of this PROCEDURE, and MEN REJOICE - The girl lit up SOCIAL NETWORKS with comments about her move, this is unprecedented

Sukmin Garca (27) proposed to her partner in July this year. However, after the video of their engagement went viral on social networks, the girl found herself the target of insults and criticism from users. They told her she had no self-respect and should be embarrassed, and that her partner didnt even seem happy about what she had done.

The video received a lot of support from male users, but Sukmin was surprised to see so much negativity from women. Despite comments such as people asking her if her knee hurt and that she would rather swim the ocean than propose to a man, Sukmin was determined to propose to her partner.

- I was always open to my partners proposal. At first I was quite nervous about it. I wanted to find the right moment for it. It didnt cause any problems for us. My boyfriend had the biggest smile on his face. Our families were really supportive and happy about it. My mom was very proud. Honestly, she told me just do it! If you are both on the same level in the relationship, you dont even need to think - the girl said.

She adds that just because not many people did what she did, doesnt mean its wrong.

@sukhmingarcha This summer was special 🤍 #kelownabc #fyp ♬ yebbas heartbreak - ︎
Since the video went viral, it has been viewed over 2 million so far.

One of the mens comments is the support of Sukhmin Garcha who proposed to her partner.


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