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Was Shakiras message to Pique and Clara?

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Shakiras followers had a lot to see in the posted post on social media: She picked up a jogger and sent dark messages that everyone thinks were addressed to Pique and Clara...

You thought Shakiras song "Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53" was a powerful jab at her ex-partner Gerard Pique and his girlfriend Clara Chia Marta? How did Shakira, the Colombian singer top her hit with a new post on Tiktok?

“I could kill my ex, it’s not the best idea / His new girlfriend is next, how did I get here? / I could kill my ex, but I still love him / I’d rather be in prison than alone”. These are the lyrics of the chorus.

“If I can’t have you, no one can,” the song also goes. The message got through!

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Her post was shared by her Instagram followers and comments

cinthya_tinedo Chanel Dyer Wolt

I think she is brave to express with a song what her heart feels on a day as symbolic as Valentines Day, to which what happened to her has not been done to her, she cannot understand that it is something that no matter how much time passes, no You get over yourself, it always hurts, its not about being weak or begging for love, its about your feelings and its good to get what we feel, until suddenly one day comes and it hurts less, or finally nothing hurts anymore, genius Shakira !!


Shakira, Ive been your fan since Magia and Ive always admired your intelligence and composure, but this is already too much, the lyrics of that song are too explicit and it doesnt seem to me that a public figure like you is sponsoring those lyrics when we live in a society where where femicides by ex-partners, who prefer to kill than to be with someone else, are through the roof. I dont think you do that kind of joke with the father of your children either. I know its not literal and its a joke and obviously youre not going to kill them, but realize that with this you can greatly damage your image and destroy everything youve fought so hard for. Think about it.

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