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They wonder if Nicole Kidman is drunk!?

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The 95th Oscar of Popularity in Los Angeles will be remembered by most for the scenes that took place that night. One of those matters is Nicole Kidmans behavior, which makes everyone wonder what happened to her.

Fans on social media are worried about Nicole Kidmans behavior. A huge amount of comments and different information has been launched.

Nicole surprised many with her facial expressions, the way she walked and greeted colleagues, especially during an interview with ABC when she got too close to the camera.

best of jessica chastain @bestofchastains

“I would like to announce the four of us are gonna do a movie very soon, Its being written right now! ” Jessica Chastain, Emily Blunt, Nicole Kidman and The Rock at the #Oscars

For now, Nicole has not commented on her performance at the Oscars, where she was in the role of host-presenter, her reaction is awaited.

On her Instagram profile, Nicole Kidman shared a picture of the dress with her followers.

nicolekidman Nicole Kidman

#Oscars… Here we go! 🖤✨

Прикажи ову објаву у апликацији Instagram

Објава коју дели Nicole Kidman (@nicolekidman)

janka_valencia Juan Carlos Valencia Gómez

How do you do to look young and beautiful all the time? Gorgeous!!!

domenicobiasi Domenico Biasi

You meet the light, you ask to enter how much grace, its not difficult for those who are already full of stars. A kiss Nicole.

virinderpandit virinder pandit

What a wonderful slim and trim figure wearing wonderful skintight dazzling dress with very long hair floating around on both sides

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