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The awarding of the Grammy Awards was marked Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

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Several clips from the Grammys have surfaced where the relationship between Ben and Jen is hilarious and its clear whos the boss in the house. These videos were interesting for Twitter users to make jokes about Ben.

It can be said that Ben Affleck appeared at the Grammy Awards by force of opportunity - as the husband of Jennifer Lopez, but he became a star completely unplanned and marked these events. Twitter is literally "on fire" with comments in which Ben Affleck is the main character.

This time they were amused by the moment in which the singer sings energetically, while the actor stands behind her, as calm as a candle and moves his head to the rhythm of the music, but with a facial expression that depicts pure boredom and disinterest.


I know I was anti bennifer but I’m lovin these ben affleck reaction posts. I hope jlo treated him to some dunkin afterward 😂

Allison♓✨🌻 @AllieK02

He looks sad, or sick. Maybe he has indigestion or something. 🤷. Its a tough crowd on here, I wouldnt want to be seated front and center & have every expression I make be a meme. He seems to lack spunk. Always liked Matt Damon better.


I feel sorry for the guy tbh. I love jlo but maybe she shouldn’t take him to these things. He kinda looks forced to be there 😬

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