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Nicki Minajs pictures get mixed reactions on social media

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Nicki Minaj is one of the most popular rappers in the world, and she is known for her sexy style. Recently, she posted some pictures of herself in a revealing outfit on Instagram, which received mixed reactions from social media users.

Some people think the pictures are too revealing, while others appreciate that Nicki Minaj is comfortable in her own skin.

Since the release of her new album, "Queen," Nicki Minaj has been posting a series of revealing pictures on her Instagram account. The pictures have caused mixed reactions among social media users. Some people think that the pictures are too revealing and that Nicki Minaj is setting a bad example for young girls. One Instagram user commented, "Shes a mother now. She needs to start setting a better example for her fans." Others believe that Nicki Minaj is just being her usual sexy self and that there is nothing wrong with the pictures.

Calz @WantSomeOnika_

When I tell you my mouth dropped omfg Nicki Minaj is fine as hell like what 🥵

One Twitter user wrote, "People are just haters. Nicki has always been sexy. Shes not doing anything different." Some people also think that the pictures are not appropriate for a mother to be posting. One Instagram user commented, "I love Nicki but shes a mom now. She shouldnt be posting these kinds of pictures."
Some people like the pictures

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What’s your favorite 2023 Nicki Minaj look so far?

The pictures are also a refreshing change from the typical celebrity photos that we see on social media. So often, celebrities only share perfectly posed and edited pictures, which can give us an unrealistic idea of what they look like in real life. Its refreshing to see Nicki Minajs unedited photos and it makes her more relatable.

nickiminaj Barbie

Only on dem C’s if it’s breeze. 🌊 #RedRubyDaSleeze 🥢

zolanski_news Roman

Damn 😍😍come through Onika Tanya Maraj, them cali hills ain’t ready for you they about to catch that 🔥🔥 from you, side note though that view in the background😮‍💨 your property has a very nice scenery

Some people also find the pictures empowering. They appreciate that she is comfortable enough in her own skin to share revealing photos and they see it as a form of body positivity. They feel that she is helping to break down barriers and make society more accepting of different body types.

They think that Nicki Minaj is setting a bad example for young girls by posting these types of pictures and they feel that the pictures are not appropriate for a mother to be posting. "I think its completely inappropriate for a mother to be posting such sexually suggestive photos," one person commented on one of Nicki Minajs recent Instagram posts. "It sets a terrible example for young girls." Another person said, "I dont like how sexualized Nicki Minajs image is. I think its wrong for her to be dressing and acting like this." There are also some people who believe that Nicki Minaj is just being her usual sexy self with these recent posts and they dont see anything wrong with it. "Nicki has always been confident and comfortable in her sexuality," one fan said. "I dont think theres anything wrong with her sharing these types of photos." Another person said, "I think she looks beautiful in all of these photos! She should be confident and proud of her body!"

There are also those who believe that Nicki Minaj isnt doing anything wrong by posting these pictures. They see her as just being herself, and they dont think shes setting a bad example for young girls. Instead, they believe that she is empowering young women to be comfortable in their own skin and to love their bodies.

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