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Madonna: What she would look like without surgery

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Published photo of what Madonna would look like if she didnt do any surgery. People cant believe it and the comments are different.

Istanbul-based digital artist Alper Yesiltas with the help of artificial intelligence has become a hit on Instagram, his project shows how celebrities could look in the future when they get old, if they do not undergo radical methods of rejuvenation.

He published illustrations of the project called "Young Age", how celebrities would look in their old age, on Instagram, which became very popular not only on the mentioned social network, but also on competing platforms.

Among other things, Alper also did an older version of Madonna without aesthetic interventions in the last 10 years, she didnt use fillers, Botox and didnt go for a facelift several times, and then they started commenting.

alperyesiltas Alper Yesiltas

I would like to share with you the second piece of my AI based project called "As if nothing happened". Behind this project lies the question of "how would people look if some great events had not happened to them". I look forward to your feedback and suggestions.

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ay_mara_disena Aymara Manrique

Madonna doesn’t like this 😏 A Brasilian artist have a project similar to yours and he tag Madonna so proud of his work and to be honest it is a really good job and probably a little kinder with her. But Madona hated it a send a particular finger by dm 😅

niseroga Nina Serova

So at first i was puzzled because this woman looked so familiar, yet I couldn’t determine who it was. When I read the comments i realized it was Madonna. I think you did a very good job. This picture looks more like “Madonna” than the way she looks now to be honest…


I really like it. A lot of people don’t, but I recognized her immediately, cause she looks like her youger self. This is how she would look like today, if she would’t be a star with a tons of botox. A naturally aging lady. It was her choice not to look like this, but it’s okay if she’s happy with it.

Alper Yesiltas profile on instagram may be interesting to you, it is again something new.

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