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Lana Del Rey: What fans think about the new album

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Lana Del Rey shared an important piece of information, and thus raised even more interest in her new album. Famous people support her, but what is happening with her fans.

Taylor Swift Lauds Lana Del Rey, Does ‘Promo’ for ‘Brilliant’ New Album in Vegas Before Playing Their Collaboration, ‘Snow on the Beach’

I just think she’s the best that we have. And so I think we need to make it a priority as a group to stream, buy, support this album and this artist," Swift said of Del Rey

lanadelreybr Lana Del Rey

I never thought an album ending could top get free, Im completely in love and at a loss for words to describe what Im feeling right now. I want to thank Lana for another work of art, Im eternally grateful for everything Ive experienced in these 7 years as a fan!! Lana has been my true love ever since and I will always love her more than anything else in this world, not even the beauty of blue skies and oceans can compare to her beauty. I will always be here rooting for your success, Lana. @honeymoon

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Објава коју дели Lana Del Rey (@lanadelreybr)

With regards to her new album and the information she shared with her fans, they too had a lot to say about her new album.

A much larger part of Laras fans on social networks are positive comments, but there were also other comments about the album.

frederiksaccount Frederik

Just confused why she would end with an existing song already 🥲 made me crave her previous music. Great instrumentals on the interludes also but the preacher is a bit unsettling

martaelleee Marta Elle

But what the hell happened to Lanas music? Ive been listening to her since Born To Die came out, Im a huge fan of hers. I love her and will always support her, but man, this sounds like a dull album to me. She doesnt transmit anything to me anymore, her music is no longer able to convey that magic of the past. Her voice is amazing, I tried to listen to the album but had to speed up every song.

noodle.niamh Niamh

This album felt really different for me. Usually her songs make me feel a certain category of feelings, but this time it was all... I dont know how to put it. Its strange. Not bad, just confusing. I guess I just need time to really process it.

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