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Jim Carrey as he sees Senator Ted

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Jim Carrey had a lot to say about the Senator Ted on his Twitter profile

How Actor and Comedian Jim Carrey Sees Senator Ted Cruz is an American politician and attorney serving as the junior United States Senator for Texas since 2013 on his Twitter profile.

Jim Carrey @JimCarrey

Senator Ted - Your tsunami of wishful thinking was as overwhelming as a clown throwing a bucket of confetti. The takeaway: your wickedness is not indicative of the country as a whole. Most people still know bulls**t when they see it. When you Cruz you LOSE! ;^P

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From johny u 09.12.2022 12:12:12 h
Jim Carrey Senator Ted, great combination. Too bad Jim won t be on twitter anymore as he said. He is definitely a person with great cartoons.

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