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Its unbelievable how celebrities react to fans in some situations!?

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A video that was created as a result of the reaction of celebrities and fans in a public place. The video has been shared on social media and the comments are amazing.

The famous Tom Hanks, Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland appeared in the video clip. Everything took place in public places and reactions to these events were divided. 

Maybe the problem is that sometimes fans overdo it, and maybe the problem is that sometimes even famous people cant control themselves. The video went viral.

tomsnapchats Erni ♡︎

Paparazzi 😔

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isekai_gam3r Lewis Crewdson

I have no respect for paparazzi, they are just stalkers that constantly bother celebs, let them live their lives nobody needs to know that they walked to get coffee at 9:37

rikiraze Jojo Pratik

You know what is too far ? Those paparazzi not helping Princess Diana when she is in a car accident and there is enough time to send Diana to the hospital and those paparazzi just stood there taking pictures until she is dead.

cjamelino Cheryl Amelino

Now I understand why Tobey Maguire looks at the paparazzi the way he does. He always gives them the side I look and there’s no smile on his face. Leave him alone.


do not be hypocrites, because it is thanks to them that you get your "dose" of information about your idols, thanks to them you know the gossip that you discuss with friends, it is thanks to them that you put your hands into the life of a superstar.

One of the comments really impressed us and made us think.

cronje.gerber97 Cronje

Just imagine if nobody paid attention to celebs. No paparazzi or anything. Imagine if we treated them like the normal human beings they are...then everything would change. I strongly believe they provoke a lot of celebrities to get that one photo

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