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Britney Spears showed her middle finger

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Following a reported " manic " episode at a restaurant, fans and critics accused Spears of being angry and giving the finger to everyone. Her father was later granted conservatorship over her, but Spears is confident that she will be able to free herself soon. - Recently, footage of Britney Spears showed her giving the middle finger to everyone at a Joey Restaurant. The incident occurred after she posted a new Instagram clip showing her speaking gibberish and prompting her husband Sam Asghari to take action. This prompted widespread backlash from fans, with some accusing him of storming the restaurant and forcing her to give the middle finger. Witnesses at the restaurant stated that Spears was seen giving the middle finger after being prompted by her husband Sam Asghari. TMZ reported that the incident was captured on camera, prompting widespread outrage from fans who accused Asghari of manipulating Spears during what they believed was a manic episode.

The outlet shows the footage of Britney Spears showing her middle finger while dining at a restaurant with her husband Sam Asghari. The footage showed Britney Spears’ face and her middle finger in the front of the background. The incident happened a year ago when Britney and Sam were spotted at dinner by some fans. Asghari then whipped out his phone and began filming, while customers in the restaurant started to take photos and videos. TMZ also reported that Britney was playing a song from Divinyls when this happened, although it is not clear what exactly caused her outburst. Sources said that it was due to Spears 13-year conservatorship, which has been controlling most aspects of her life for years now. Although there has been no official statement from either Britney or Asghari about the incident, some sources have speculated that it was an act of defiance against her conservatorship.

The clip saw Britney Spears dancing on the floor, showing several dance moves, doing some odd dances, and eating cake. Then she made a heart sign with her hands before finally showing her middle finger directly to the camera. This clip came shortly after Britney scored a major victory in her legal battle with her father Jamie Spears to take control of her conservatorship. She shared a message on Instagram afterwards saying “Don’t underestimate me” which was seen as a clear reference to her ongoing battle with her father.

Britney Spears showed her middle finger on Instagram in what some saw as a silent but clear message of defiance. The pop star was dressed to impress in a strapless, go-white little dress with bright yellow piping, and twirled her blonde hair as she stuck her tongue out. She had a pair of knee-high go boots and sunglasses to complete the look. The 39-year old pop star is currently embroiled in a legal battle with her father Jamie Spears, who has been granted conservatorship over her since 2008 following her mental health struggles.

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Rivers @sneekAF

When Johnny Depp doesn’t want his picture taken he chases them down with wooden planks and it’s OK. When Britney Spears doesn’t want her picture taken and gets upset she’s having a “manic meltdown”.

Jordy Spears @jordonwithtwoos

#BritneySpears is so fxkin REAL this society just legit cant handle it. Shes right, theyre hoping for a show at her expense. I just adore @britneyspears as my lifes most wonderful inspiration 💛 💖 . Takes an ugly twisted soul to taunt her at this time. Shes not the illness.

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