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AGUILERA wins Latin Grammy 2022

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AGUILERA shared this good news on her Instagram profile. This is a great recognition for AGUILERA for Best Female Pop Vocal Album

The Latin Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Album is awarded annually. Latin Grammy Awards from 2001 to 2011. The award was given to a female artist for albums that contain at least 51 percent new recordings of the pop genre. Since its inception, the award category has had several name changes. In 2000, she was recognized as the best female pop vocal performance, awarded for singles or tracks. The following year onwards, the award was given for Best Female Pop Vocal Album.

The award was given to singers from Canada, Colombia, Italy, Puerto Rico, Spain and the United States. The first Grammy award in 2000 was won by the singer-songwriter Shakira for the song "Ojos Asi". While in the competition were: Christina Aguilera - "Genio Atrapado", Zizi Possi - "Meu Erro", Mercedes Sosa - "Al Despertar", Jaci Velasquez - "Llegar a Ti".

This year will be remembered and written down by Christina Aguilera.

xtina Christina Aguilera

GUILERA wins Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album. This album is my heart, my NAME! To receive recognition for a project so personal to me is indescribable. Thank you so much @latingrammys ❤️

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Congratulations on the comments followed

gilbertsaldivar Gilbert Saldivar

The fact that I was out there in the house getting ready to start another number and was able to see this was so perfect!!! You deserve this and so much more!!!! AGUILERA is a masterpiece!!!! Felicidades!!!!

xtinaquebec Xtina Quebec

Omg Christina Im so proud of you You work so hard. Never material will define a talent or a person, but this one is special. You come back to you roots and lm sooo proud of you. Youre blooming and your happiness is so contagious. Real happiness is when your own happiness makes others happy. Youve reached this place. Youre so inspirational, in so many levels Christina. Thanks to be this kind of person. True and authentic. Big big love from Quebe City 🇨🇦❤️

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