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Videos surfaced from the protest in Paris! Many people wonder if this is democracy?


Thanks to social media, today we have a much faster flow of information as well as videos that can help us a lot about the events themselves.

The scenes from Paris and the events that took place at the protests ignited social networks, especially Twitter, where videos from the protests appeared. 

Denis Rogatyuk shared one piece of information with his followers on his Twitter profile and raised Twitter to its feet.

Denis Rogatyuk @DenisRogatyuk

#Paris today: From what I’ve seen and experienced myself while living or staying throughout Western Europe, these states are more repressive than Russia. They use the window dressing of “democracy” and concern for “human rights” in the Global South to hide their true nature.

Opponents of French President Emmanuel Macron’s plan to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64 staged a new round of protests on Saturday aimed at forcing the government to back down.

On the video, you can see how a group of police officers attacked the protesters. The Protestants were walking peacefully at that moment. Many on Twitter had something to add to BCC as well. 

Campari 🤌🏼🦗 @CampariWithSoda

Meanwhile not on the #BBC, the police goes nuts on the anti “pension reform” protesters in #paris 😳 Hilarious how the #bbc keeps championing the EU but they refuse to cover how their shitty policies are being protested 🤡

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