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Sad pictures in Paris and happenings in the city of love


Massive riots on the streets of Paris, a Kurdish protest clashed with the police. Some participants broke cars and clashed with the police, after which the police fired tear gas.

Kurdish activists, left-wing politicians and anti-racism groups demonstrated today in Paris over the killing of three people near the Kursk cultural center in the French capital, which prosecutors say was racially motivated.

It all started when three people were killed and three were wounded when a 69-year-old man randomly shot passers-by with a firearm, the prosecutors office in Paris announced.

5Pillars @5Pillarsuk

More footage of the clashes between Kurds and police in Paris yesterday after three Kurdish men were gunned down by a suspected far right extremist. #Paris

Erhan Timur @timur_erhan

France, Paris 2022, this is what happens when your state policy is to invite terrorists to your country but you detain and deport innocent women and children from safe passage from war zones, you couldnt make this up. This is a ticking time bomb for all Europe and the UK

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