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Real information as a real example of good business


Many say that information is worth its weight in gold. What else is important and what we can focus on next year 2023.

Information is an abstract concept that refers to that which has the power to inform. If, however, the premise of "influence" implies that information has been perceived by a conscious mind and also interpreted by it, the specific context associated with this interpretation may cause the transformation of the information into knowledge.

We transfer one such information from the Instagram profile.

emmamchurchman Emma M. Churchman

Stop settling for uncertainty in uncertain times! Having a psychic and spiritual advisor guiding your business decisions and actions can be exquisitely helpful or confusing. Have you ever reached out for support on tapping into your soul’s guidance for business growth onto to be told vague information, such as… - Your business is destined for abundance! - Someone is trying to interfere with your success. - Your audience wants to hear more from you. - You are the one getting on your way… 🤔What the heck are you supposed to do with that kind of feedback? My clients come to me for business growth because they want precise, actionable information, such as: 👉🏽Your marketing messaging is 67% aligned to your soul and financial goals, but you need to tweak your call to action because you’re inadvertently attracting the wrong audience. On line 17 of your offer page, change it to read as follows… 👉🏽 There is a 44% probability that your business will achieve its financial goal in the next 6 months if you stick with your existing strategy. Here are the 3 specific things to change to increase that number… 👉🏽 Your pricing for your signature offer needs to increase by 20% in order to eliminate money objections and attract soulmate clients. THAT type of accurate information is exactly what you deserve from any mentor. Stop settling for anything less!! 🥰You are here to offer amazing transformation and impact. Your business growth should be as easy as you sharing your magic with your clients. Watch this space for the amazing Black Friday special I’ve put together especially for entrepreneurs and business owners ready to hyper-accelerate growth in 2023 with precise, actionable guidance that works for your unique soul design and financial goals for next year.

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