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Employed workers in Twitter


What are employees saying about these developments on their Twitter accounts?

There are differences of opinion regarding this case.

Matt Navarra
CONFIRMED: Twitter is now asking some fired workers to please come back

- Some were laid off by mistake

- Some were let go before management realized their experience is needed to build new features Elon Musk is planning


Casey Newton
You don’t have to treat people this way


Im a contractor and yourre reporting is accurate. I just learned I was laid off by reading your tweets and then trying to log in on slack and email and realized it was all gone.

On his Twitter profile, Musk also published pictures of employees who previously said that they had been fired from their jobs.

Elon Musk @elonmusk

Welcoming back Ligma & Johnson!

Elon Musk @elonmusk

Important to admit when I’m wrong & firing them was truly one of my biggest mistakes

Matt Wensing @mattwensing

i still work at twitter i used to attend meetings about tweaking the icons last night i drank 8 redbulls and rewrote the worst parts of our direct messages backend i haven’t felt this alive since cs 301 thank you elon

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