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A job for survival and a break


We always wonder how much we can work and when its time to take some time off.

Rest is actually an essential part of doing any job. Its a way to clear your mind and give you full focus to continue working to do your best. That being said, youre wrong if you feel guilty after every break.

Apart from work, your personal development should be important to you, to make breaks as productive as possible and prepare you for the continuation of work, so that you dont leave work too tired.

Many studies have dealt with the break and if we take the working hours from 9 am to 5 pm, it has been proven that employees are least active from 2 pm to 3 pm. Thats when the fewest e-mails are sent, the fewest phone calls are made, and its obviously quiet.

Move over

A stretch or a short walk can make it seem like its just the start of your shift at work and youre full of energy. This is especially important in jobs where you sit in a chair for a long time.

almkabira Calm Kabira

As work is important for your survival, break is important for peaceful mind and regain your energy.

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