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Important things in a relationship


Faith Abiola Oyedepo wrote on her Twitter profile what is important for success in a relationship

As long as you and your partner understand what is most important in the relationship, then you will be able to work through it. Of course, every person and every relationship will have their own focuses, but as long as you know the essential things in the relationship for you and your partner, you can work on them. 

As with so many aspects of healthy relationships, it may boil down to how well you communicate your needs and intentions to your partner. In a healthy relationship, you need to feel 100% comfortable communicating these boundaries, and knowing they will be respected (and vice versa for your partner). 

If you are in a relationship where you feel invalidated or downgraded, then your partner is disrespecting you. If you cannot be loyal to your partner, then ending the relationship is kind, rather than further hurting them. To keep a relationship going, you need to unconditionally accept your partner - quirks, behaviors, faults, all. 

While you may want to go about things your own way, if you want a healthy, happy relationship, you need to be willing to compromise and meet your partner halfway (and vice versa). We know this might seem a little nebulous, but it is because every relationship is different, so what works for you and your partner might not be what works for another couple. As much as relationships are all about love and happiness, they are also about being emotionally available to your partner during trying times. 

One of the most important things about relationships is for your partner to add to your already happy life, not that they are your happy life. Your partner encourages you to spend time with friends and family, to pursue your individual goals, and to have a life outside your relationship. Share your feelings, dreams, hopes, and wishes with your partner, so that he or she knows who you truly are and what is important to you. 

If you need more support in your relationship, ask your partner, do not assume that they know exactly what you need, you have to tell them. When both people know what they want in the relationship, and are comfortable in communicating your needs, fears, and desires, this builds trust and builds a stronger bond between you. A relationship with a high level of closeness allows both partners to feel emotionally connected to each other, promotes trust and vulnerability, and cultivates a sense of recognition or shared values. 

Intimacy has many layers to it, which can beautifully evolve over the course of the relationship, and is a wonderful way to deepen ties between you and your partner. The sense of being safe in the arms of ones partner is crucial to the relationship, since committed relationships are built upon a promise of protection and loving one another for all eternity. Now, loyalty may mean different things for different couples; the key is staying faithful to relationship parameters you and your partner have agreed upon, whether it is full-on monogamy or more open relationships. 

I firmly believe that when two people find each other and the dice match, love is maintained easily and simply, it flows naturally, and with good will and strength, all obstacles and aggravating circumstances are overcome.

Faith Abiola Oyedepo @FaithOyedepo

It is very important to talk about dreams and aspirations in your relationship to know the other person’s wants and dreams in life too. It takes a few conversations and exchanges of ideas to truly achieve this, instead of making wrong assumptions.

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