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Does history always repeat itself in your relationships?


Do you ever wonder why the relationship broke up? Where did I go wrong? Sometimes we definitely dont have information on these things.

In todays society, there are really many different types of relationships, from one-night stands, to long-term relationships, to lifelong relationships.

Perhaps most important of all is to have clear boundaries and expectations, both in your mind and spoken out loud to your loved one. Otherwise, you risk getting hurt and hurting the person you are in this relationship with.

What do you think about that?


Does history always repeat itself in your relationships? Let me tell you about the patterns… 🌀 Its no accident that you fall for a guy who is emotionally unavailable, or one who doesnt appreciate you, or one who is unfaithful by nature. 🌀 At least its not a coincidence when all your relationships have the same outcome 🌱 I like to look at life as a journey where we learn every day. The problem is that sometimes we repeat the same situations and we get involved in it like the first time. Heres a bloody sample. FOR EXAMPLE... If you didnt feel validated at home, whatever you did was never enough... It shouldnt surprise you that now, as an adult, youre always looking for external validation, including in your relationships of course... The ones you stay in despite not feeling loved, you struggle to prove... What? To whom? 😏 This is a very simple example, but there are thousands of them. Chance as much as people. 🤍 Recognizing your history, integrating it and being able to break with the patterns that hurt you is SELF-CONNECTION, a very important pillar for healthy self-esteem (a pillar that, by the way, is rarely talked about...)

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