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Toxicity and negativity rule my life and health


Toxic people are also in our immediate environment and we cannot avoid them, but we must not allow ourselves to become their victims, which would affect our health.

Being toxic does not always mean being a bad person - sometimes it happens that certain people cannot cope with everyday life trials and switch to negative thoughts, trying to drag us down with them.

Toxic people are very often narcissistic and they are always right, their word must be the first and the last. The only thing that matters is how they feel, empathy for others does not exist.

Lets be honest: there is no one who does not like a light "gossip game" with a coffee or a cold drink. You should know and be sure with whom you will share your opinion or a story, because there are people who will use your story.

We always ask the question of how to behave and what to do.

lafontmeline Méline Lafont Transformative Intuitive coach

T o X I c i T y Some time ago Ive decided to not let any toxicity and negativity rule my life. This changed not only my life but most of all my overal health. 💜

I decide for myself if I will consume healthy energy or rather toxic energies. So, Im responsible for my own well-being.

Unbelievable in how many forms toxicity can hide itself. Food - mental ideas - convictions - relationships - emotions - fear - ideology - words - thoughts - perception - social media - internet - addiction - even by refusing to let go of things/relationships/people...

I choose - every day - to start my day with positivity and to release old energy. My steps were: to step out of my relationship - to remove toxic people and situations out of my life - to only spend time with inspiring people - to be inspired by myself and others - to go for a run 3 times a week - to meditate every day - to sing and dance every day - to spend time in nature - to make changes and transform old things into new ideas, being open to question and receive - to take care of the body, mind and soul - to detox - to spend time off of social media - to let go of unhealthy emotions and people...

I feel so much better since Ive taken these steps. It improves my life. 💜😍 I wish the same for you. 😘🙏 Go for it. 🙌

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From Anni u 09.12.2022 12:21:42 h
Good for her, I had the same problem with negative people and negative energy, maybe the best thing is to go for a run.

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