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Tips for feeling overstimulated and how to reduce stress


Every person on this planet experiences stressful situations differently. The most important thing is that it affects our health as little as possible.

The first step is certainly important and that is to accept that you are under stress and that you need some change. Then its totally okay to take as much time as you need to get out and get over that situation.

Maybe you need to take a little vacation, some relaxation, an evening at the cinema, a walk around the city, a mini trip...Try it, because thats the only way youll know whats best for you.

There are two types of stress: with positive effects (eustress) and with negative effects (distress).Long-term association with stressful situations can harm your health.

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Uncertainty creates stress and anxiety which we often try to manage by assuming the worst, which, of course, only increases our stress and anxiety.⁠

When dealing with uncertainty, try to focus on that which you do know and can count on rather on that which you don’t.⁠ ⁠

For example, you might now know when you’re going back to the office but you do know what you’ll be doing when you do (mostly the same work you’re doing from home). Or if you’re unemployed, you might not know when you’ll find your next job but you do know that you can keep looking for one, that you can keep checking in with your network, that you can work on your interview skills by role-playing with friends, or make a plan B for finding temporary positions until the right permanent one comes along.⁠ ⁠ Focusing on what is in your control helps lower uncertainty, and the stress and anxiety it causes.⁠

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Do you often feel overstimulated? If yes, these are the tips for you!

🎧 Listening to calming music can relieve stress and promote relaxation. Make a playlist beforehand so that its ready when you need it! 🤫 You can also calm down and reset by selecting a safe space to go to reduce any external noise or overstimulation.

🍃 Being outdoors and close to nature is another way to release tension and stress. Try scheduling breaks where you can get outside and connect with nature.

🎨 Sorting, coloring, and other similar activities are other powerful self regulators.

💜 What is your go-to self-regulation activity? What activity do you want to try? selfregulate regulate overstimulated stressedout calmandquiet mentalhealth mentalhealthadvocate mentalhealthmatters mentalhealthawareness mentalhealthsupport selflove selflovequotes selfcare selfcaretips selfloveclub therapy depression depressionhelp anxiety anxietyawareness anxietyrelief anxietyhelp anxietyrecovery apartmenttherapy trauma traumahealing traumainformed telehealthcare psychologytoday californiatherapy

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