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Selena Gomez blonde: in a swimsuit


Selena Gomez turned to summer and dyed her hair. A picture in a bathing suit might not be the best idea though.

She shared the beautiful issue of Selena Gomez and the new styling with her followers on social networks. Naomi Campbell is one of the first to like her new style. 

selenagomez Selena Gomez

TBT to blondie sel. Summers coming! So many exciting things coming!

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Објава коју дели Selena Gomez (@selenagomez)

Fans definitely had something to comment on. One commented on her hair color change, while others commented on her body.

annyshh 😘😘😘

And your body is so fine sexy too thin is not sexy 🤗your curvy 😍curvy body is more beautiful than thin slim body🤗


ts not the blonde, its the body. This is how a woman should look. Imagine choosing a stick over this. He must be gay. Im a girl and i would loooveeee to be in there! Holy f**k!!

savannanicole97 Savanna Nicole

Im so thankful to have had you as a role model in my younger years. I grew up with you, and you have always been so consistent with your love and kind words to your fans. You deserve everything good. Your adored by so many, and its understandable why!. Thank you for never changing selena. Even thru everything. Thank you. 💕💜

The amount of positive energy from her fans is incredible. Hardly anyone has this much support on their profile.

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